Senior Drivers Should Use Back Seat – For Road Safety

Sun, Oct 2, 2011

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Senior Drivers Should Use Back Seat – For Road Safety

People in America think that their fast cars are symbol of their freedom on wide roads. They enjoy their freedom and they never miss the chance to take the steering wheel of the car to travel around.

However, some people think that cars are the only way of transportation. In San Diego, as well over America people believe that cars reflect their status and are a symbol of independence.

Driving a car can never be taken as a joke; it requires metal focus and the ability to make quick decisions. Drivers need also to have motor skill, and it cannot be neglected.

There are many senior drivers out there, who can drive cars perfectly. Precisely, there is no age limit that after a particular age, you have to stop driving. Yet, increasing age can disturb vision, physical and mental abilities, and after that you have no choice to give up for the sake of your safety. It can happen at the age of 60 but in some cases people do not quit driving until 90, maybe it’s because they adapt themselves perfectly on roads.

People recognize their downfall in driving skills, or they find themselves weak for driving. Usually, in such cases senior drives do willingly surrender their keys. Approximately, 600,000 drivers reduce their driving while some prefer to completely stop driving every year. However, some senior driver sticks with their need of independence and induces danger to road safety.

Adult children of senior drivers should recommend their parents to quit driving because to ensure safety driving on the road as elders driving skills do degrade year-on-year. It is quite painful for seniors to forget about their symbol of independence. It can be embarrassing as well, but no one can deny the fact that after certain age human abilities start to degrade, and we cannot risk the life of people and also loved ones.

In 2003, a tragic accident occurred involving a senior driver; In California, George Weller who was 86-year-old was accused guilty for killing 10 people in a road accident at Santa Monica.

Senior drivers should keep a check-list to evaluate how long they can continue to drive. According to AARP, the potential warning signs that suggest that one should stop driving are:

• The driver seems to be uncomfortable, or he is very nervous while driving.
• The car got dents on it or around his house, he got broke fence and mailbox.
• The driver is having problems while changing lane or to cope with his lane.
• The drivers repeatedly get lost, and he cannot even find his way by using a map or GPS.
• The driver skips different signs along the road
• The driver is not capable of taking quick decisions to unexpected situation, like a driver in front of him changes his lane fast or stops suddenly in front.
• The driver frequently finds himself in almost crashed situations.
• The driver having problems to judge intersections and gaps between cars on the road.
• Other divers are using horns and are showing their anger towards the old driver.
• Relatives and friends don’t want to sit anymore.

The points mentioned above depicts that the driver is experiencing an impoverished in health. So it is fundamental to ask about his or her health status, but do also advise to stop driving.

In some circumstances, senior drivers are exposed to dizziness because they are under special medications, which affect their reflexes. It should be noted that medication can also induce stress and in some cases cause hallucinations.

You should take a short trip with old driver so that you can observe mistakes carefully, but don’t give remarks on his driving because he might get angry, just help him out. Keep notes about problems he had during the whole trip.

If you think it’s a serious problem and he/she should quit driving then you should ask law enforcement officer or medical professional to call that driver for driving test. His family members can also forward this request without being noticed.

The AAA foundation for driver safety is hosting a great website which can help the problems faced by old drivers. Moreover there are several other websites available which can help senior drivers. However if you thing that nothing is working out and the condition of senior driver is dangerous, you must grab the keys and remove the car in front of him. Although it’d be difficult for you as well, but you cannot let him hurt someone like that.

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