Nanotech Treatment Gives Possiblity To Treat Ovarian Cancer in Mice.

Sun, Jul 22, 2012

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Nanotech Treatment Gives Possiblity To Treat Ovarian Cancer in Mice.

Recurring to nanoparticles, researchers at MIT managed to destroy ovarian tumors in mice; nanoparticles delivered killer genes into cancer cells. Ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer, causing fifteen thousand deaths every year; considering only the U.S. According to MIT, these findings could lead to a new treatment for such hazardous cancer.

A research associated in the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT named Daniel Anderson told in a written statement that human clinical trials could start soon; in about a year henceforth. Robert Langer, a professor in the Institute told he was so pleased because their research on drug delivery and novel material can now be a potential contribute in effective treatment for ovarian cancer.

At various universities, research teams have been working on effective and different ways to use nanotechnology to battle cancer. Apparently, these efforts are building good results. In May; scientists at MIT claimed that they had developed gold nanoparticles capable of targeting and heating the tumors with minimal side effects to nearby healthy cells. According to the researchers, mice that received the gold nanorod treatment had their tumors gone within fifteen days; the cancer didn’t reappear during the study which lasted 3 months.

A few months early MIT announced the development of a new nanotechnology that can be placed inside living cells to determine if the chemotherapy drugs are targeting specific cancer, or if it is attacking healthy cells. Improvements in nanotechnology are becoming frequent; last August, a new way to make chemotherapy drugs target only cancer cell and keep healthy cells safe. This treatment of toxic effects was reported by scientists at Stanford University.

Going back to July 2008 researchers at the University of California, in San Diego; discovered way to use nanotechnology ‘smart bombs’ that were capable of apply lower doses of chemotherapy to various cancerous tumors, by doing this; they would be decreasing the cancer’s capability to spread it self all over the body.

MIT explained that nanoparticles was like self-guided vehicles delivering genes to the cancerous tumors; that gene produced a toxic that destroyed the tumor’s capacity of manufacturing proteins. The result was the tumor’s destruction.
Chemotherapy is as effective as the gene treatment; however, with chemotherapy there will be some bad side effects; this does not happen with the gene therapy since it is designed to affect only the tumor’s cells.

According to MIT, scientists believe that nanoparticles can be used to treat various types of cancer, such as: prostate, brain, liver and lung cancer.

Source: Ovarian Org, Fierce Biotech and Computer World


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