Morgan Freeman – On Science – Can We Live Forever?

Sun, Jul 24, 2011

Anti Aging, Immortality

Morgan Freeman – On Science – Can We Live Forever?

The 27th of July 2011, On Science, discovery Through the Wormhole 2: episode 8, the team is tackling the intriguing question on ‘can we life forever?’

Here is a short snapshot on how episode 8 (Can We Live forever?).

Over the past centuries, human life expectancy has doubled. This is a target already met, but the question is whether it is possible to overcome death ones for all. Is it really possible to rectify on-going degeneration that develops in our DNA? Or is it even possible to render our body more resilient by using better chemistry of life.

This upcoming episode provide interesting insight on how to eternity is defined in respect to human lifespan.

Video Insight: Cryogenic Preservation

Video Insight: Forever Young

Video Insight: The Omega Point

Source: Discovery (On Science)


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