Lifestyle: Environmental Factors Causing Premature Aging & Death Part 2/4

Tue, Aug 24, 2010


Lifestyle: Environmental Factors Causing Premature Aging & Death Part 2/4

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We can prevent several lifestyle accidents and improve our inner healthiness through proper dieting and exercising. The key is not a temporary change in lifestyle but rather permanent.

Environmental Concern of Lifestyle

After having discussed food, it is important to take precautions concerning what we take into our body such as the air, we breathe the water we drink, which can all be sources of radiation. Typically, if you are a smoker, you must certainly be fed up with length lists enumerating the potential danger of smoking. Nevertheless, let’s restate, smoking is one of the most preventable causes of death. The smoke emitted from cigarettes leads to more than 200,000 people suffering from carcinogens.

What Smoking Does?

Smoking cause damage to your collagen and thereby forces one’s skin to prematurely age, through the surfacing of wrinkles. Smoking causes premature death but it does also make one feel old at an early age. Studies are constantly producing the same figures stating that on average smokers decease more than eight years earlier than non-smokers. Moreover, half of all smokers die because of their habit. A recent study released from U.S Centers for Disease Control & Prevention demonstrated that female adult smokers lost 14.5 years and male smokers roughly 13.2 years of their lives due to cigarettes. So, the years lost through smoking can be as much as 13 years or above.

Irrespective of the years’ smoking slash-off from your lifespan, it is a serious killer. It instigates chronic diseases. A recent research conducted by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Villejuif, France says that smoking tend to cause declining mental abilities, like memory deficiency as well as lower reasoning power for middle aged people.

Quit smoking is hard, but remember people are doing it every day. So with constant effort stop smoking is possible. A common attitude effect of quitting to smoke is an increase in the consumption of junk food. One should abstain from junk food, it is essential to go for a healthy diet to avoid extensive weight gaining.

However, there are some exhausted fumes that are hard to bypass such as airborne pollution emitted from automobiles. In other words, if you do exercise outdoor, make sure it isn’t done on busy streets. When an individual performs exercise respiration tends to increase and inhaling more of noxious chemicals isn’t the healthiest solution for a good lifestyle.

Moreover, gasoline has a particular odour that can be addictive; these chemicals are also highly carcinogens. In US the second largest reason for lung cancer is radon, a reactive gas which is present in several households. Radon is a gas which is both odourless and colourless. If the gas is present in concentration it becomes deadly. The gas ooze from the ground and does often get stuck in houses. So it is important to make regular check to ascertain that households do not contain radon. There exist radon detectors for the verification purpose.

The best way to assure clean air in a household is to have filtration units. Most people suffering from some type of respiratory allergy needs high-air-quality, so they will have to live in filtered homes. Furthermore, as air is filtered there will be fewer particles in the air, and this will decrease the chance of having bacteria and viruses proliferated.

How Heavy Metals Cause Health Problems

Adhering to strict guidelines does indeed not put one in the safety-net. We can always run into toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury, nickel and other heavy metals that pervade our environment. The potential danger of poisonous metals is extensive it can cause severe diseases such as neurological disorders, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

The most effective way to tackle the hurdle of heavy metals is to consume detoxifying healthy diets.

Important Sources about Detoxification of the Human Body:
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2. Seven Steps To Assist Your Aging Body With Natural Detoxification

3. Glutathione For Anti Aging, Health & Longevity

Exercise is very important, as sweating helps to remove toxins from our body. In other words, we need to consume clean water to make sure that the body remains in a health condition. However, sick people should not try to detoxify their body as it can cause an enormous pressure on the ability of the liver to eliminate these substances. It can result in further sickness. The best way to start is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This will help to boost overall health.

There are some general guidelines to reduce overall exposure to poisonous environmental metals like:

1. Avoid restaurant food
2. Avoid drinking water from plastic containers, preferably use glass containers.
3. Avoid cosmetic containing aluminium-laden antiperspirants.
4. Avoid consuming food in containers such as tuna
5. Avoid vaccinations having aluminium and/or mercury substances.
6. Bath in filtered water

Anti-aging doctors should necessarily analyse the level of heavy metals present in the body such as lead or mercury. It is excreted through a urinalysis test.

Importance Of Water

It is fascinating to comprehend that one can live without food for up to a month but water only a few days. Water is an essential element for the body to work properly. It acts as a medium of transportation for oxygen, nutrients, waste-products as well as to control the temperature of the body.

Healthiness can be achieved very cheaply. It is only to drink a sufficient amount of clean water per day, and you will keep your body healthy at a practically free cost.

However, how much clean water should one drink a day? In our young days, our body contains 70 percent of water. At the age of 40 the level of water is around 60 percent and at the age of seventy it is commonly only equivalent to 50 percent. We might believe that obese people are hydrated but in reality, lean people are much more hydrated. The worse is that drinking more water for lean people tends to discourage water retention by the body as well.

Studies have shown that a dis-balance in dehydration level can have severe effects on the functioning of cells. The risk of having colon cancer was 40 percent more for people who drink only two glasses of water per day compared to those who drink eight or more glasses of water a day. Moreover, water drinkers are less prone to muscle aches, fatigue, constipation, headaches, cancer, heartburn, bladder or heart disease.

The best volume of water to be consumed should be calculated based on body weight. For each pound of body weight one-half-ounce of clean water should be consumed. In other words, an individual of the weight of 160 pounds should drink 10 eight-ounce glass of water, which would be the same as 7 twelve-ounce glasses. However, individual involved in exercising should drink a bit more, but over a longer period of time.

Soft Drink or energy drinks do not fall into the category of water. They have an aging effect on the body and should be consumed only at moderate levels.

Importance of the Sun

The sun is another precious and dangerous health element. Vitamin D3 is what the sun provides and too much of it can kill you while too little can make you sick. Recent research has shown that exposure to mid-day sunlight is the best sunshine for your health in contrast to what most of us believe to be the worst.

Most people believe that sunlight exposure between 10:00 in the morning to around 2:00 in the afternoon is dangerous. However new studies are showing the contrary. The most common form of skin cancer is Cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM), and it represents roughly 75 percent of deaths caused by skin cancer. Researchers are saying that abstaining from mid-day sunlight will prevent painful sunburn but will, nevertheless, augment the risk of such cancers.

It is during the mid-day that the sun provides the highest volume of vitamin D. There are two reasons for this phenomenon. First during the mid-day UVB is more intense and less exposure time is needed. Secondly, as the sun is lower in the sky the level of UVB is filtered out more than UVA (after of before mid-day). The long wave of ultraviolet known as UVA is associated with a high level of melanoma, whereas UVB is responsible for Vitamin D.

Tanning and burning can be caused by both UVB and UVA. UVB does lead to burns and tans faster than UVA. However, UVA goes deeper into the skin than UVB. This is a serious determinant for wrinkles, photo-aging and skin cancers.

Skin colour does highly influence the required exposure to peak-ultraviolet sunshine. For instance, Caucasian skin would need only twenty minute exposure to ultraviolet sunshine to have a maximum benefit while darkly-pigmented skin will need as much as six times longer exposure of ultraviolet sunshine to derive the same amount of vitamin D.

Still extensive exposure to the sun remains a main cause of aging. It can lead to ‘DNA damage’ of skin cells. So constant contact with direct sunshine will affect appearance of skin and can cause skin cancer with years.

To enforce your body against skin damage caused by the sun do consume a considerable amount of antioxidants. This includes omega-6 and omega-3 oils.

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Source: Source: Maximum Life Foundation: David A. Kekich, CEO, Maximum Life Foundation

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