Human Biological Immortality Can Be Achieved With Perpetual-Equalising Interventions

Wed, Dec 8, 2010

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Human Biological Immortality Can Be Achieved With Perpetual-Equalising Interventions

This article is an adaptation of Marios Kyriaziz explanation on Human biological Immortality.

The article describes how Human Biological Immortality will turn out to be a direct result of natural evolution. This natural process can be accelerated in various ways like via the concept of ELPIs (Extreme Lifespan Through Perpetual-Equalising Interventions).

Marios Kyriazis MD, Biomedical Gerontologist says that the change from evolution to natural selection after the Darwinian notion is a fundamental transition in biology. The Kuhnian paradigm shift might soon be seen. (Kuhnian paradigm shift = change in assumption and belief associated to human evolution).

Aging as a cause of death is a phenomenon that scientific doctrines are unable to explain. However, progress and new paradigm provide insight why it is important for human to live for centuries for human intellect to evolve. Death caused by aging, is considered as a premature reason for decease and should be altered if not even eradicated.

Understanding Evolution

Our world operates through a very complex mechanism. For instance, organisms do constantly evolve to self-organise themselves into a higher level of dynamism. The whole universe ostensibly evolves in a similar way. Organisms do hierarchically progress to achieve exceedingly higher levels of complexity. Currently, the self-organisation of human neural tissues is considered as the most complex known evolution; human intelligence.

Since 14 to 20 billion years ago the universe began and the fundamental law of nature became prevalent. The gradual progress in the self-organization constantly occurred and organic life came to the existence some 4 billion years ago.
Since, 200 million years ago life became even more complex as the Darwinian Theory of evolution came to application. Living organisms began to evolve based on natural selection. Organisms slowly become more complex to reach higher levels of superiority. This progress constantly increased in pace. Besides, the modern human, (Homo sapiens sapiens), came to existence some 200 thousand years ago. Since then humans have steadily kept evolving and now we (humans) are even able to manipulate the evolution of the human species itself through technology.


The notion of Singularity is increasingly important when talking about exponential progress.. It applies to ‘Technological and development Singularities’. The notion behind singularity is that progress increase at an exponential rate.

“…the idea that the most complex of the universe’s extant systems (galaxies, stars, habitable planets, living systems, and now technological systems) use progressively less space, time, energy and matter (“STEM”) to create the next level of complexity in their evolutionary development”.

Video on: The Singularity of Ray Kurzweil

In other words, singularity explains that the progress occurring by natural selection of evolution will gradually become less relevant as technology and development of human intellects are taking the forerun.

Humans will change through the ‘Developmental Singularity processes. This implies that complexity will be reaped at a faster speed. It might not take long before digital-assisted biological development transcends humans into ‘transhumans’. This transition will take decades. However, it will no longer take thousands or millions of years to see ‘radical progress’.

The interesting thing is that, the progress in human intelligence has to be realised quickly to stay-in line with the order of natural laws of self-development. The whole theory on progress in human intelligence is based on the concept of human longevity. Technology is likely to make humans superior beings akin to some type of super humans with self-conscious and super-intelligent systems (like the internet).

This theory is contrary to that of the Darwinian evolution theory, which states that living creatures have to die fast to assure natural replacement. This notion is linked to the Disposable Soma Theory,

The evolution that occurs through natural selection is simply a function that produces things for a purpose and then naturally discards them. This assures that things constantly progress into more complexity organisms but with an end due to aging.

Death through aging can be ended if evolution via natural selection is stopped. It should also be noted that the natural evolution is a nasty process which perpetually seeks to increase complexity. This process will progress, even if it means the demise of the human species.

The possibility to achieve higher complexity with the use of technology-assisted human intelligence can but a stop to the rude natural end of life. Sustaining the life of neural tissues might be the secret to solve aging and to stop death.

Source: ELP Theory


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