Drink Coffee or Tea for A Healthy Heart

Drink Coffee or Tea for A Healthy Heart

A Dutch study demonstrated that both high and moderate consumption of Coffee or tea are associated with fewer heart diseases. This was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association: Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.

The Dutch Study on Tea Found:

1. Those who consumed an average of more than 6 cups of tea per day had 36 percent lesser risk of heart disease in comparison to those who consumed only a cup of tea per day.

2. The consumption of 3 to 6 cups of tea everyday depicted a 45 percent lower risk of death caused by heart disease in comparison to those who consumed on an average less than 1 cup of tea per day.

The Dutch Study on Coffee Found:

1. Coffee consumers who take an average of 2 to 4 cups of coffee everyday were 20 percent less prone to heart disease in comparison to coffee drinkers who consumed either more than 4 cups or less than 2 cups.

2. It was also shown that drinking coffee moderately helped to reduce the risk of death due to heart disease as well as from other causes.

The study did also find that coffee and tea did not influence the risk of stroke.

Yvonne T. Van der Schouw, Ph.D, senior author and professor of chronic disease epidemiology, Julius Center for Health Science and Primary Care, University Medical Center Ulrecht, Netherlands, said that pervious study portrayed that coffee and tea consumption helped in reducing the risk of heart disease. However, no conclusive association between coffee/tea consumption and stroke had been established. This study showed that drinking coffee or tea did not augment the potential risk of death caused by either stroke or other sources.

The field research involved examining effects of consuming tea and coffee; a questionnaire was administrated by Van Der Schouw and his colleagues to evaluate a total of 37,514 participants. This longitudinal study covered the participants for 13 years. They were followed to identify whether any of them experienced cardiovascular disease and/or death.

A major shortcoming of the study was that details related to the type of tea or coffee being consumed was unknown. Nonetheless, in the Netherland roughly 78 percent of total tea consumption is Black tea and green tea represent merely 4.6 percent.

The study did also demarcate different health behaviours amidst tea and coffee drinkers. It was found that coffee drinkers were more prone to smoking. They did also have fewer healthy diets in comparison to tea drinkers.

The benefits of drinking tea were according to the researchers due to its antioxidants. The present of Flavonoids in tea is believed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. However, there is no confirmed underlying reason why tea and coffee help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Source: Science Daily

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