Do Anti-Aging Products Have Side-effects?

Do Anti-Aging Products Have Side-effects?

Anti-aging products can have side effects. So, the safest way to increase our odds of living longer is to reduce the intake of calories.

The American Medical Associate (AMA) did in 2009 diagnose the benefits and side-effects of taking testosterone, DHEA, hormone or estrogen for anti-aging. According to AMA, the danger of consuming anti-aging products is greater than their benefits.

The anti-aging industry has expanded fundamentally during the last 10 years. However, the most famous mushroomed anti-aging solution is growth hormone.

Adophe Brown Sequard was a 19th century scientist who provided this special elixir for free. – The growth hormone – were testicles of dogs or guinea pigs of an average age of two years, were kept in water and extracted to be blended with blood coming from the testicular veins, in case someone needed it. Today, this magical growth hormone solution costs around $42,000.

The effort undertaken by Adolphe Brown Sequard, led to the emergence of a new science known as endocrinology. His graceful donation has helped the industry to grow into a global power. Anti-aging products accounted for roughly $115.5 billion in 2008. It is tantamount to Iraq’s GDP.

AMA findings are paradoxical. It is believed that powerful chemical used in anti-aging products helps people to look young. However, there is apparently some dangerous side- effect associated with growth hormones. For instance, people who suffer from pituitary glands or over produce growth hormone, risk early lung or heart failure. Besides, they may experience unusual growth in tissues and organs as well.

Steroid testosterone is known for generating muscle mass. However, the effect goes further. Steroid testosterone leads to reproductive and sexual disorder, acne and fluid retention. The long-term effect can be stroke, heart damage or even brain tumors.

Commonly, a lower level of growth hormone is associated to better health. Studies have found that hormone replacement does have some remarkable short-term effects. However, the long-term effect of hormone replacement is somehow subjective. It can instigate cardiovascular disease, cancer and changes in behaviours.

The safest way to increase human longevity might simply be to reduce the intake of calories. A diet with fewer calories tends to lower hormone growth, which apparently activates particular genes linked with longevity.

In the 1935, Clive McCay and Mary Crowell from Cornell University performed laboratory animal research to comprehend calorie restriction. They scrutinized the effect of regulating calorie intake on longevity. It was found that calorie restriction worked pretty well on all animal species that were examined. It tended to retard aging and increased longevity for the subject species by 30 to 40 percent. – The low calorie diets had essential nutrients. –

‘Roy Walford’ wrote a book on calorie restriction entitled: “Beyond the 120 Year Diet: How to Double Your Vital Years” The book emphasised on essential nutrients and rich diets. The healthiest diets should only have 30 percent of the current average consumption of calories per day.

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