Cenegenics Is Not About Anti Aging Medicine – And Their Patients Could Not Care Less!

Cenegenics Is Not About Anti Aging Medicine – And Their Patients Could Not Care Less!

There is a quality of life revolution occurring in a tactful, yet inconspicuous office next door to the spa that is part of the Boca Raton Resort & Club. Amongst the black tie balls and corporate conventions lies this facility that specializes in what they refer to as age management medicine.

When you enter their office, the first thing you will notice about the Cenegenics Medical Institute of Boca Raton is that it is unlike any other medical office you have ever been in. The Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Robert Willix says the do not have a disease based method of operations that focuses on conventional medicine. Rather, they have a more complex, practical science process of bringing optimal health to their clients. They do not do “anti aging” – as an alternative, they assist their client/patients in managing the natural progression of age while they enhance their quality of life.

Cenegenics is a thirteen year old company with a head office in Las Vegas. There are branch operations for Cenegenics in twelve cities – with over one hundred affiliate offices throughout the United States. Dr. Willix is a onetime cardiovascular surgeon who started his Boca Raton Cenegenics operation in 2007.

A Unique Experience

Forget about all your prior visits to a physician’s office. Cenegenics is an entirely different experience.

Before you set foot in the Cenegenics office the experience begins with a Cenegenics associate seeing you at home or work where a number of blood vials a drawn, urine sample taken and you will be asked to complete a more than thirty page “Health and Lifestyle Assessment Survey.” Your lab work alone will scrutinize over 100 markers essential to diagnosis and health.

Your visit to Cenegenics will be a daylong evaluation, and it is entirely possible that you will be the lone patient in the office. The capacity for care is just three patients maximum. You will notice because of this, there is no waiting room in the office. You will undergo diagnostic examines such as full body scan, bone density test, EKG, brain testing, strength, cardiovascular, body fat, physical alignment among others. You will be based in a private VIP suite complete with television, snacks and various comfort items to augment your visit.

As for the staff at the facility, there are three doctors, two nutritionists / exercise physiologists, two patient coordinators, all of whom make sure your examinations go forward efficiently and effortlessly. At the half day, you will be treated to a very healthy, gourmet lunch.

Once the examinations are completed and the results are assessed, patients then go into a prolonged consult with Dr. Willix. During this time, Willix introduces his initial discoveries and commences to lay out suggestions for diet, nutraceutical and perhaps pharmaceutical practices. According to Willix, their exams are so sophisticated that he has diagnosed heart disease in a number of patients who previously did not indicate a single warning sign, proud of the fact that his comprehensive testing is saving lives.

Inside of two days, patients have in hand a complete written account of their health from Willix and Cenegenics, which lays out his evaluations and suggestions for a particular strategic path to follow. Patients are told to keep in touch on a regular basis by telephone, texting or email with any Cenegenics personnel with regards to their customized tactical plan.

Cost Outlay And Advantages

This type of caretaking comes with a price tag. The preliminary day long evaluation including laboratory work up costs $4,000 – and Cenegenics is not covered by insurance. Additionally, patients pitch in a monthly consultation charge that will vary based upon the course of treatment they undertake; averaging from $700 and $1,000.

In year one, patients have blood work done from three to six months to make sure the treatment procedures are working, if necessary adjustments are done.

HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy

It may just be a single part of the overall methods utilized by Cenegenics to optimize the health of their patients; the single most contentious part of Cenegenics’ practice is their pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy.

Detractors condemn the potential adverse reactions linked to injectable growth hormones that include painful joints, standing fluid, and an association with diabetes. Testosterone therapy can lead to swelling of the breasts, acne and thickening of the blood.

Then there is the broad certainty among those in the medical profession that injections of these elements could raise the chances of contracting cancers that might have stayed inactive otherwise.

In a widely read article published nationally, University of Chicago, Professor of public health S. Jay Olshansky, also the writer of The Quest for Immortality: Science at the Frontiers of Aging – gave his opinion of these facilities such as Cenegenics that offer age management medicine. He says that if people think that these facilities are offering health services the way they will be done twenty years in the future, They are drinking the anti aging industry Kool-Aid. They make their money providing a repackaged model of the traditional preventive medicine, and they throw in some hormones and supplementation. He goes on to call it quite a racket.

To their credit, Cenegenics does not bury their head in the face of such criticism. They actually explain in detail all of the negative aspects surrounding hormone replacement therapy, going so far as to enlighten patients about the published research available.

Furthermore, according to a patient who is also a physician from central Florida, Dr. Willix explained the specifics of the relevant data and how he translates it. He said that during his medical career he was suspicious of hormone replacement therapy. However, having completed his own research on the subject, learning how to benefit from their effect, he has completely turned around his thought process on HRT.
Since he began his therapies with Cenegenics in Boca Raton in April of 2009, this physician / patient who takes testosterone and human growth hormone shots – plus consuming over thirty supplements per day – he has shed almost eighty pounds. He has dropped thirteen inches from his waistline and feels better than he has in many years.

This is not an unusual testimony say Willix. He says that twenty percent of the patients attending Cenegenics are actually physicians. They are getting advanced Cenegenics philosophies for themselves and they take this valuable knowledge back to their own patients in their private practices.

Willix also notes that the Cenegenics’ prices prohibit all but the most financially flush patients from attending his facility but he hopes to have less costly options available in the future.

Until that happens, Cenegenics Boca Raton will go on supplying the type of age management medicine that one particular patient – physician calls “the best money he has ever spent.”

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